Friday, June 1, 2012

3 1/2 months

June 6th - Robert dropped me off at the airport at 5:30 am. I forgot to dump the milk that i pumped on the way up to the airport. When i went through airport security they had to test to see if it was a liquid explosive. I'm happy to report that I am explosive free and am not a danger while flying (i.e. I won't explode).
I got to Salt Lake City only to wait for flight after flight after flight. It was great to see Barbie and have breakfast/lunch.  Do to the over booking of the last to flights as well as how far down the list I was decided to take Barb and Troy up on the Harley Ride and dinner at Spaghetti Factory. I had fun riding with Uncle Troy and some how fit into Barb's leather gear with the help of Kasey.

All is well in the Ava world and Blake and Zane world. They did make a move on Ava's vent settings down to 45 instead of 55, and down from 6 to 5 on her peep. She had her eye exam today and the Dr. wants to see her again in a week. So much for going home this week.
June 5th - Ava is now progressing to an additional ml per hour every 12 instead of every 24 and is continuing to improve. Her TV debut was tonight on King 5 in Seattle.

Today Zane performed in a talent show with his class and the other 2 classes. They sang a really cute song about a salior with really cute actions. It was hard to see Zane as he was in the back row instead of the 1st row. I could see him but couldn't get a clear picture.

Went and looked at a house near the boys school. I really liked the location and  the layout of the house, but it needs lots of work for the price they are asking and we can't afford the offering price plus fix up costs.
June 4th - Was nice to be home. Was able to have lunch with Robert, found some cute clothes for Ava. After lunch I returned a cooler to a friend. While doing that got a call from Seattle Childrens' Hospital in regards to our insurance to start paper work to bring Ava back to Great Falls. After hearing this i stopped in at the Great Falls NICU to find out if they'd heard the same rumor. She will get to come back when opthomology gives the go ahead and if they decide she can be weaned from the ventilator.

I picked the boys up from school so we could go to walmart and get some day camp necessities. Ran into a friend from last summer. Have her number if we need help with the boys.

Ava is still doing well and behaving herself while mom is away. They keep increasing feeds by a ml per hour per day. She has had good gasses and continues to hold her own.
June 3rd - Enjoyed visiting with everyone at Church, then we headed over to the Korona's for the End of the Year Pack Picnic.

Zane - recieving his Tiger Badge
Blake recieving his Webelo's Badge

All the boys after crossing over from Tigers to Scouts.

Ava had a good day. She is up on her feeds another ml per hour. They gave her lasiks and her nurse forgot to double diaper so she got to change all Ava's bedding and Ava. 
June 2nd - Got to go to the 1st Farmers Market of the Season and say Hi to lots of people. Got to have my huckleberry roll, picked up some banana bread and the boys each had a baked good as well as some of Alma's famous fudge. Zane on a porkie (pork on a stick - love it hoped he'd share but he didn't). 

Made a stop at the NICU to return some items and say hi to Ava's doctor and nurses. Spoke with Doc. Ridel who said to give Ava lots of hugs when i get back (which i plan to do) and is hoping she can come home soon too. 

Had a great visit with my best friend as well, called her and wished her a Happy Birthday a day late since I didn't have time to do that on her B-day yesterday. 

Picked up our 1st bountiful basket which had broccoli, lettuce, garlic, avocado's, tomato's, pineapple, nectarine's, bananas and oranges. The boys took mom out to the Best Wok for supper and Blake and Zane ate with chopsticks, they did quite well, I'm not that talented. Quick trip to the store for ice cream to make Pineapple/orange milk shakes - which were very good by the way.

Ava has been a good girl she got to have 1ml per hour of milk. Her plumbing is starting to work all on its own and I'm told that the NICU nurses were very grateful for the cleaning staff to wisk away Ms. Ava's garbage :). Her aromatic diapers were wafting into the hall.

Robert worked on cub scout advancements. 
June 1st - I got to fly home it was a long day. I had to be up and at'um by 4 am so I could make sure i had everything and to greet my shuttle to the airport at 4:50 am. It showed up at 4:40 so I had to hurry some things along. I made my 7:15 am flight to Salt Lake City and then due to the overbooking issues on the 11 am Great Falls Flight got my ticket changed to the 11:06 am flight. Robert graciously came to Helena on short notice and we made it back to Great Falls in time to take part in the 4th Grade Wax Museum. Blake was William Clarke.

William Clarke (aka Blake) 
This wax figure melted as soon as he saw his Mom - His little brother was quite excited too. After school and catching up to all they had been up to, we went and looked at a couple houses - we really liked one of them except we can't figure out where our freezer would go as there is no garage and not enough room in the laundry room for it. 

Ava had a pretty good day. Still no feeds, but she is starting to have more bowel movements and lots of gas so we are encouraged that soon she'll start to work up her feeds.
May 31st - Today Ava is 3 1/2 months old. She weighs over 6 lbs and is starting to be more alert. For now she's a night owl. The Doc's didn't change any of her vent settings or start her on feeds as surgery wanted to wait another day. Hopefully they will start feeds tomorrow. We had a good cuddle session this evening. She definitely does not like to have a wet bum. She did have some poo in her diaper this afternoon which is great as she's been a gassy girl which is a great sign that all is working as is should. She can also make noise around her tube sounds more like a squawk but its sound so we know her vocal cords are working.

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