Sunday, June 17, 2012

We are going home!

June 15th - We got word last night we get to go home today. I had to pack and clean the room and clean out the fridge and cupboard down in the kitchen at the Ronald McDonald between 7:45 pm and 7am as we were told they would be leaving Great Falls at 6:30 Seattle time. In order to have all the frozen milk in one place I decided to take it all over to the hospital at 9 when they called to have me come sign transport papers. Since I had 2 plastic bins i requested a ride from hospital security who didn't show for a 1/2 hour so we recalled 20 minutes later a Ronald McDonald friend gave me a ride. I got over to the hospital and was told not sure if they will be taking you too. So we called and yes there was a spot for me. So i returned to RMH and cleaned house as well as kept up the nursing schedule. Got up at 5 so I could pump and do the final check out of the room and get a ride to the hospital with my 3 bags of luggage and 2 boxes of stuff i could mail if necessary.

I got over to the Hospital about 7:30 am only to be told by Meg that the flight team was delayed they had to go back and get a little one (they hadn't taken off yet). So it would be later than we thought. I went looking for packing tape for my boxes, Family resource found some brown packing tape and gave me lables to print postage on.

To lesson my load I handed out a bunch of loofah lollies i'ld had sent to myself earlier and gave lots of hugs good bye before the transport team showed up at 12:30ish. They settled the other baby and then came and got Miss Ava. I had all my and Ava's luggage in a wagon and the crew didn't know if we could get it all in the plane when you included the 4 bins of milk - so I mailed the 2 boxes.

Ava in her new ride - she was mad and wanted her binky. 
Unloaded from the Ambulance

Getting Ready to Load her into the Plane

We headed out the door to the airport a little after 1pm with lots more hugs good bye. and we left Seattle from Boeing Field about 2:11 Seattle time and arrived in Great Falls at 5:03. Robert and the Boys met us at the hospital. They let them in to see Ava after we got her settled into her new surroundings.
Mom got settled at home, we had supper and then went over and spent some time with Ava - Dad got to do some much needed snuggling and mom came home and spent time with the boys.

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