Sunday, August 3, 2014

Webelo's Week

It was Zane's turn finally to get to go to Scout Camp - Webelo's Camp that is.
Zane and Dad Pic
The Goofy Group -
They had a lot of fun, the boys were in some classes together and some by them selves, but their down time was together. The trip to get to Grizzly Base took a little longer than planned as Joe's pick up didn't like Lincoln gas.
Some of the activities they participated in were Archery, BB's, Forestry, Showman, Fishing, and Geology. They all said they want to go back next year.


 Ava says pop bottle lids aren't just for pop bottle, they make great diaper accessories as well.

Zane and Robert
 Saturday when Robert and Blake got back from their adventures at K-M Scout Ranch we checked out the Super Retriever Series at Scheels.



This wonderful sign has been hanging out on 25th Ave. South - apparently they put up a YIELD sign so we needed a temp sign telling us there is a traffic control change.

Blake enjoyed his couple of days with out brother watching TV, going for walks with Mom, Ava and Nurses, going to Farmers Market to get his Fudge Brownie and even got Zane his "Porkie Stick" for when they got back. The return trip was much quicker they even stopped and picked up "Flathead Cherries".

Blake also got to show his Kayak off to his Uncle Jake, Aunt Lynn, cousins and their Grama Kelly. In exchange for some Flathead Cherries we guided them to Aunt Lynn's appt. and took Grama Kelly to Walmart. There will be a new healthy little Kelly in Nov. and Tucker's appt. went well.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What a Week and the Camping Begins

We are exploring the River's Edge Trail system each Thurs when we can. Last thurs we walked down to Black Eagle Dam from the Black Eagle Parking lot, we had lunch and the headed back. The boys road bikes.

Char, Ava, Zane, Blake and I found a nice bench to enjoy our lunch before heading back.

We ended the week with fun at the Water Park Flow Rider. The boys had taken swim lessons at the Natatorium and the last day they got to enjoy the Flow Rider at the Water Park. They had a great time, we kept Ava home due to the poor air quality - too much smoke from Canada, Washington and Idaho Fires.


 Zane - coming down the slide
Blake exiting the slide.

Sunday Blake and Robert loaded up and headed off to Scout Camp at K-M outside of Lewistown Mt.
Blake passed his BSA Swim Test - we are so excited as he has struggled to pass it.
Zane, Ava and I attended a special Church Mtg. where we learned the Ward boundaries were changed as well as the Ward names. We will be part of the Overlook Ward, some members of our old 3rd Ward will be joining us and others will be part of the new Portage Ward. We are sad to not be joined by our all our ward family but excited to meet our new ward family.


The smoke cleared Sunday evening, so we can still enjoy our nightly walks with Ava who so enjoys being pushed around the neighborhood in her stroller.

 Ava kinda likes her Brother Blake, and watching pokemon with him and Brother Zane.

"Bathtime with Ava Tues night" - Ava loves baths but not this night, she let the nurse know she was "All Done", by throwing a fit and throwing up just her meds in the tub, she was still un happy that she had to clean her up before taking her out of the bath even though she thought she was all done. Wouldn't cooperate with dressing or trach care. Was finally happy when she was put in her stroller to go on her walk. Then happily cruised around the couch and got into the cupboards till bed time.
 I  was talking to Mom on the phone and she asked what we were up  to, I turned to find this! A pop bottle stuck to Ms. Ava's Diaper Bum.
 So I promptly put Mom on speaker and took some pictures.

Zane has been enjoying his week with out brother by hanging out with his friend Jeramya, watching pokemon on the computer, and going for walks with us, - he of course rides his bike. He has also been a great helper in helping me keep the garden watered.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hard Work Pays Off!

Robert and Blake started Building a Chesapeake Kayak back in March. Below are a few pictures of it's progress. On Saturday they were able to test out their craftsmanship and many, many, many hours of hardwork.
Kayak is taking Shape

 Getting Ready to start adding the finishing touches

Mixing the Blue Pearl Pigement.
Almost Done.
 Water here we come - will it float or sink?
 It does float.

 Blake gets to test it out first

 Mom (me), even got a chance to try it out.


Thanks to our friends, we were able to borrow a couple extra so the rest of us could paddle around. Zane is showing off his exit skills.  He got in and took off like a pro just like his brother.
Not To forget Miss Ava - she had to try on Brother's shades. Isn't she the coolest girl in town!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Then and Now

Last year at this time Zane, Ava, I and her Nurse were in Seattle on this day to change out her feeding tube. It was quite the adventure. We left on Sunday July 7th our first leg of the journey taking us to Spokane WA. We packed up Ava and her room - 2 of everything and a weeks worth of food and trach care supplies, toys ect. It was a Subraban full of medical equipment. We were able to find a spot for each of us to sit and one bag each the rest was Ava.

We stopped in Missoula for gas and Wally world for some forgoton supplies. We learned not to set a full Ava up in the shopping cart, gave us back a rag full of food. Then off to Spokane where we had fun trying to find our motel, once found we unloaded and Zane and I went on a walk about to find food while the Nurse settled Ava in. 

We took off  bright and early the next morning for our winding trip to Seattle. It was a nice drive and we had little problem finding the Nexus Hotel, settled in, we got a little better at hauling everything to the room, food was found and Zane enjoyed some time in the Pool.

On the 3rd day we went to our Dr. appt. They said all was well, would consider putting in a Mic-Key G-tube our next visit to Seattle.  Since we didn't have any upcoming Seattle appt. they had a consult, and decided it would be possible to change out to the Mic-Key that day.

Zane hung out playing games, I and Ava got to go back into surgery where they cut and pulled out the old tube and put in the New Tube. I got to wear a pretty white suit. She cried when they pulled it out and was fine after they had put the new tube in. In less than 15 minutes we were in and out. I did request a spare tube set before we left just in case. 

We had time to spare so we headed over to the Ronald McDonald houses and visited with another Montana Family and took the Nurse on a tour of each of the houses and had supper at House C. It was off to our Motel and more swimming for Zane and a phone visit with the Landry's for me.

Blake was enjoying his first Boy Scout Camp at Camp Parson's in Washington with out us.

Flash forward to a 2014 and today's adventures included Speech therapy and OT for Ava, a visit to Farmers Market. Cub Scouts and YM for Blake and Zane -

Cub Scouts ended being called as only 3 boys showed up - Zane and Henry came back to the house for a short play date before taking him home.
 A year ago she was ventilator dependent - now look! No Vent and cruising the pews

Blake and Zane enjoyed playing with their Marshmallow Shooters earlier in the day.

Ready, Set,
We made these the other day - they snowed our lawn with Mini Marshmallows and have been having lots of fun with their own custom made shooters.

July 4th

Started the Day with the Black Eagle Parade :

Robert and Ava watched from the sidelines. We were towards the beginning of the Parade and were able to turn around and find a spot to park and watch  the rest of it.
After the Parade we enjoyed a lunch at the Black Eagle Park BBQ. Then it was off to home for a rest before the Boys and I headed off to the Voyagers game - we helped to hold the US Flag from the Hill,  then we stayed for the game and fireworks.

Waiting for the signal to reveal the flag.
(video to come later)
Blake Hula Hooping - He's really good - didn't get very good video as I didn't know he was gonna do it.
(Video to come later)
A Snippet of the Fireworks - after the fireworks Show we headed home to our own show. No pic's or video.
 Cooling off
 Looking for cool rocks
along the Missouri River - River's Edge Trail.
The day before we enjoyed a walk along the River's Edge Trail between Lewis and Clark Interprative Center and Giant Springs Park  and also had a Picnic Lunch with Dad.