Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

June 18th - The boys helped sort frozen milk by date and then Blake went with mom to deliver it back to the NICU and see Miss Ava. We ran a bunch of errands and the boys reward was to go to Walmart and get a new Skylander each for their wii game. Mom got some Ava snuggle time about 4pm and after supper we all headed over and helped with cares - weighing her (5 lbs 3.1 oz - no change from yesterday), temperature check, diaper and outfit change and then snuggles with brothers and dad.

June 17th - Robert, Blake and Zane decided to go Fishing. They took Joe with them and went to Cascade - it was too windy so they headed back toward's Ulm - still windy but they tried, they spent most of their time untangling fishing poles.

While the boys were off fishing mom hung out with Ava at the NICU -
Ava sitting up in the Bouncy Seat for the first time - She actually liked it for the most part - she took a 2-3 hour nap in it. 

After taking Dad out to eat we got to go see Ava - Mom found the boys immunization records so everyone got to go in to see sister.

Being is was Sunday - Ava got to have her very first tub bath with the help of the whole family. 

Afterwards she had snuggle time with her brothers and dad.
Checking out Big Brother Blake - she loved it and held his finger which he loved. She had a very happy content expression.

 Brother Zane and Ava enjoyed their time as well.  She was happy to check out Zane. Before she got too fed up with everyone dad took over and the rest of headed for home.

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