Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday Drive

June 16th - Ava had a good night and is settling in to her old haunts. They are on the hunt for a mobile for her crib and a swing. She got some tummy time while we took a drive to Lewistown.

Grampa and Grama Heitz were headed to Lewistown to pick up a tank for Grama Betty's place so we met up with them for a breakfast buffet. Our trip took us on a tour of Utica and Hobson as they are doing construction on a bridge between Windham and Hobson. We got to tell Grampa and Grama all about Ava's latest adventures and the fun they had at Cub Scout Day Camp. We also checked out the Junior Livestock Show before heading back to Great Falls.

We learned that Ava was a good girl for the nurses while we were gone and that Dr. Kendra Smith called to check on her. Mom and Dad took turns getting Ava Snuggle time in.

It is great to be home where we can take turns going over to spend time with Ava and spend time with the boys.

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