Friday, July 29, 2011

Blue Angels

Wednesday the Blue Angels flew into town for their show this weekend here in Great Falls, Montana - which is free to attend. On Thursday they were practicing and they flew over our apartments while doing their maneuver's. They literally flew right over us and of course I didn't have my camera in hand to try and capture them. But I was able to get a couple pictures, they look farther away than they were.

What we saw from the apartment that I was able to catch.
Today we got to go help set up the Scout info tent at the MANG and got to watch them practice the show along with other special guests (Military and others). It was a lot of fun. We'll go back out for the weekend shows as well but will be working as volunteers. Hope to get some better pictures (my card was full).

Where did July Go?

So its been awhile since I posted. Like over 2 weeks, so what have we been doing in those 2 1/2 weeks. We went swimming at the Electric City Water Park on the 20th, Summer school ended the 21st and Summer Camp ended the 22nd. So less running arround for me, I think.

The boys wanted to sell something at the Farmers Market so I nabbed as many crayons as I could find at the thrift stores in town and they separated them by color, removed the wrapers and broke them down so we could melt them and reshape them. We made Crayons in the shapes of cars, stars and flowers which they then sold at Farmers Market last weekend. They started out with 54 crayons and sold all but 18 of them.

They didn't have a sun shade so they had to move thier table to 3 different locations througout the morning. They also had a picture of a Scarecrow reaching down and picking up many different items you can purchase at the Farmers Market.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is that?

Driving down River Drive towards the 9th Street Bridge Crossing and this is what we saw. Looks to be a dock or something. We crossed over to the other side and walked up the path for a closer look


We are lucky enough to have a semi-pro baseball team in Great Falls. Every now and then one can score free tickets and only have to pay for the food and drinks.

We went on 2 different nights so far this season. On Anderson Steel night we all recieved the Voyagers/Anderson Steel Snuggies and the boys competed against each other on the tri-cycles end of the 7th inning, sponsored of course by Anderson Steel. Blake won by a hair and recieved a second snuggie.

Mini Golfing & Parades

Zane has been wanting to go Mini Golfing for quite a while so we took the boys and went Mini Golfing after Church, Blake made a hole in one on the 12th hole. They were to quick to get pictures as we were the only ones there.

This year we teamed up with the District and other Cub Scout Packs to walk in the Great Falls parade. The boys had a lot of fun handing out candy along the way, and even got to watch a good portion of the Parade as we were towards the beginning instead of the end.

Lewis & Clark Cub Scout Day Camp 2011

Cub Scout Day Camp was June 22-24th. We had an Indian Theme "Medicine River Pow-Wow" based on our new Scout Facility "Medicine River Scout Center". Sadly I didn't get many pictures as I and the rest of our wonderful staff were busy making sure everything was going smoothly. We did have to cut camp short one day do to an approaching thunder storm. Most Campers and Staff were safetly sent home before it hit, we did have a few stashed in cars till thier parents arrived. We had Approx. 160 kids (scouts and siblings), plus lots of wonderful volunteers.

Our orginal location was flooded prior to camp so we had to use an alternate, which worked out perfectly. Now we have a year to prep or orginal local for next year for an even better camp.

All I managed to get were some of opening on Friday, the weed picker, and closing. They had lots of great activities all 3 days.