Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Rest of the Week

June  20th - Ava's bum oxygen treatment was discontinued today, and they decided to try a different concoction for her feeds since she is not having solid poo's. We'll see how it goes. It was bath night again tonight so Mom gave her her bath and then dad and brother Blake got in their cuddle time. Her weight was down  5lbs 4.1 oz. Great Falls NICU didn't like the Seattle lables on the milk bottles so Blake and I set to work removing the ice and re-labeling 69 bottles. Sorry forgot the camera for a pic - it was quite the sight for sure.
Blake Loves that she likes to hold his finger

June 19th - They started to wean Ava's dex and morphine and increased her feeds to 14 to see if they can get her to start gaining. Looks like it worked she's upto 5lb 9.4 oz. She has been enjoying her cuddle time with dad and brother Blake in the evenings.

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