Friday, May 25, 2012

Steps closer to going home.....

May 30th - Today day Ava had her ROP exam. Right eye showing improvement, left eye at least doesn't need surgery. She still wants to see her again next week and then hopefully a follow up in 2 weeks after that. Not excited about the 3 more weeks of time in Seattle.

Ava has a cameo in another segment on King 5 - Mother's Voice Helps Premiee Thrive the cute kid in orange is Ava and i'm sitting in the chair watching her or the monitor.

May 29th - Not much to report. Still not started on feeds. Got in lots of cuddling time. She's a little chunk though she weighs 6 lbs 1.8 oz.
May 28th - Missed Ava's rounds while i was visiting with and saying good bye to Montana friends. They are able to take their cute baby boy home today. Wishing them safe travels. I was told there was quite a discussion as to whether to adjust Ava's vent settings and discontinue the arbutrual (sp?), in the end they didn't mess with her settings (although i would like to see them try to wean her) and the arbutrual was kept, at my suggestion it might be helping since she's been able to maintain her stats with out detstating as frequently as before.

Had fun with Dottie, Renae and Khi while they were here for a short visit, bringing back the milk that was in their freezers and between moving Renae & family out of their apartment.
May 27th - Had some snuggle time with Ava, no new antics from her she was well behaved today. Nurse Susie was happy about that. They did make a move on her vent settings today, praying she has a good gas in the morning and we can continue to work her off the vent.
 May 26th - Today was quite interesting. Ava's care stayed its course no major or minor changes. She had an episode of major discomfort at noon cares when the nurse went to check on her incisions so some morphine was given. I had forgotten it was time to get more meds and had to have the doc on staff for the NICU write a prescription for me to pick up from outpatient pharmacy. After snuggling with Ava for about 2 hours I had her put back in her bed and headed down to pharmacy to see about my med's. I returned about 15-20 minutes later. The nurse had started Ava's cares when I'd left and when i got back she say's Ava has a present for you, me thinking cool she had a smidge of poo. Not so fast - Look what Nurse Susie has for me.
This is her piv that was in her hand yesterday and part of today. Nurse Susie had done her cares and as part of that she gave Ava a Tylenol suppository, well even though this makes her tummy not hurt as bad, it makes her mad. Ava was swaddled and Susie noticed blood on her tube that attaches to the vent, thinking she had just scratched herself in her mad rage she unswaddled her as she did so Ava finished pulling off the piv and waved it at her.  True story - and she's only 3 months old.  Ava also made squeaky noises at noon and again about 7:40 pm today. I heard sounds and thought is that Ava, sure enough when i got up to check on her she was mad and squawking about it all around a tube in her throat.

This was just a distraction technique - She had the night nurses get mommy some cupcakes for her birthday with a card and had them sing Happy Birthday to mom. What a sweetie.
Not to forget my boys they sent me cars birthday cards via email, Blake even sent a me a power point on cool cars he made himself. Then this morning they called and sang happy birthday. Had birthday wishes from family and friends via facebook and phone calls too.


May 25th - Ava is being Ava, she does seem a like she has some discomfort, but as a whole she's doing well. The nurses can her bowel sounds so that's a good thing. Just need to get some action so we can get her back on milk feeds. Forgot to get a picture of the little miss yesterday but the party seemed to be in her room most of the time.
Today her trick was to kink off her PIV line in her foot. She was dislodge the cotton balls meant to deter her and then kink the line with her toe. She did this a few too many times and the line failed thus requiring a new PIV line in her hand to complete her blood transfusion. She broke the tape on the top half where it was taped to a support board, so more tape was applied. Hopefully this will hold.
May 24th - Long morning. Got over to Ava's room about 9 this morning, the staff hadn't even had their huddle yet, it was about 11:30 when we finally rounded. Ava's the life of the party, today she had a nurse in training and 2 RT's in training all in the room at the same time learning, it's a good thing she's in a bigger room. She also had lots of visitors from the staff as everyone is excited to have her whole again and they all want to come by and say Hi.

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