Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Snow - or is that Easter Snow?

It's been a wet spring again this year. We've had snow showers, that come down but don't stick. It started snowing last night about 11:30 pm and seems to have snowed all night and it was still snowing up until about 11 am.
This is what it looked like at 9:30 am this morning.

Finally quit snowing about 11 am - notice the nice pile of snow on the parked car?
Lots of water under the snow in the street. Looks like a slushy mess.

What it looks like out the front door. I'ld say there was a good 8-10 inches.

Cub Scouts, Soccer, Baseball

It's been a busy couple weeks since I last posted. We've put out bags in the rain for scouting for food the first Sat. in April and then went and picked them back up filled with food for the food bank the next Sat. We've had 1 Soccer game (we've been snowed out one and rained out one of 3 weekends). We also started Baseball practices and had a scrimmage game on opening field day.

Helping to unload all the food we collected

That's a lot of food
Now to go inside and help sort it. Pack 26 gatherd 1413 lbs. of food for the local food bank this year.

 Zane getting in there for the ball.
We're ready to play the 2nd half. Go Winner's

BaseBall - Z. our 2 sport player.

Blake is playing to. But my camera died the 1st game. We have 6 games should get some then.

Blake is also into taking pictures with his camera and may be a guest blogger. Can't wait to see what pictures and posts he has for us.