Sunday, June 10, 2012

Making Progress

June 13th - Cub Scout Day Camp update - Blake hit the Bullseye with the BB Gun and Zane just had fun. Ava was moved from the Ventilator to the CPAP. So we are getting closer to going back to Great Falls.

 Ava on the Ventilator
Ava trying out the CPAP
Can now see her cute little mouth, but not her face anymore. She had a good gas tonight before I left.

June 12th - The boys started Cub Scout Day Camp (sorry no pics cuz i'm not there ). Sounds like they are having lots of fun. Zane says get caught 4 fish - sounds kinda fishy to me. Guess i'll have to believe his fish story since I have no other evidence. Blake didn't have anything exciting to tell me, but sounds like he had fun.

Ava has another ROP exam in the morning. Today  they went down to 25 on her rate and she's on a pressure support of 8, and peep of 5 and her fiO2 is down to 21% which is considered room air, don't remember all her other numbers. They are hoping to excubate her Wed or Thurs. I'm hoping we are getting sent home Thurs or Fri.
June 11th - More moves down on the vent, getting closer to taking it out. Still a very sore little bum, reducing the calories didn't help, they are going to try a 1/2 breastmilk 1/2 ela care feedings to see what happens.
They changed the link to our TV Debut to Preemies Should have Access to Donor Breastmilk Experts Say

June 10th - Miss Ava continues to do well on the Dex and they have been able to to wean her settings even more. She had Miss Alayne today and we brought her some Chokecherry Syrup and Chokecherry Applebutter. Told her she could share, she didn't think so. Spent time cuddling with her in the evening. She has a very sore bum, and very runny stool not sure why they decreased her calories in hopes that would help.

June 9th - Full feeds today. Whoo Hooo! She also got to have her picc line taken out and now is just on the Ventilator (rate of 35 and fio2's from 25 -29). Robert and the boys helped to set up Day Camp and then went to Blake's raingutter regatta. He took 2nd. Very proud of him.

While waiting to cuddle this evening with miss Ava got say Hi to the Great Falls Transport team! They came in and checked in on her as well, but they wouldn't take us home. :( Hopefully soon we'll get to go back to Great Falls.


June 8th - Almost to full feeds. They have been able to make more moves on her vent settings down to 20/5 and a rate of 40. She is keeping her fio2's in the 30's.  Lots of cuddle time this afternoon although she was quite agitated till Nurse Judy gave her some Tylenol.
June 7th - Well mommy finally made it back. She was up to 9mls per hour when I got back and went up to 10mls at midnight. The moved her settings to 23/6 and a rate of 45
Ava - 16 weeks old (3 months 22 days old or 112 days)

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