Thursday, June 30, 2011

100 Years of Scouting In Montana - Council Camporee

One June 18, we set out for Townsend, MT to take part in the 100 Years of Montana Scouting Camporee. The boys had fun going from station to station, they got to shoot BB Guns, Bow & Arrow, throw a hatchet - Zane went twice and actually got a hatchet to stick the second time, they cut a slice off a log and got it branded with MT BSA, tried out walking on stilts, panning for rubies, made a key chain, checked out the Navy simulator, made ice cream, craked a geod, hung out with Troop 26 and had supper with them, then ended the night with watching all the Scout Troops perform thier skits.

Checking out the Dams

We decided to go for an afternoon drive and check out how fast the water was moving through Monrony and Ryan Dams. Before we got to the first Dam Zane lost his supper and of course we didn't have any extra clothes for him, so he stripped down to his undies and stayed in the pick up while we were at Monrony Dam, but decided he wanted to check out Ryan Dam so a white garbage bag (setting a new fashion trend), would do, as it covered the undies.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Water Water Everywhere

I've been helping to get ready for our Cub Scout Day Camp and decided to take a drive out to the Campsite arround 10:30 this morning. I was able to drive out all the way to the river just past the camp turn off, although the water in the Sun River was covering up a parking lot and crossing the road. After work I took Robert and the boys to check out the Dam at Rainbow falls and then out to the camp.

Rainbow Falls

Falls below the Dam

Road Closed sign @ 34st St. NW and Central W.

Lake Medicine River Camp - East of the camp area

Looking towards the Den Sites and Forestry Area.
Parking Area For Boat Launch on Sun River & Central West.
Parking Area and Boat Launch Area

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fly Tying, Friends, Family, Cub Scout & lots of Fun

So what have we been up to since I last posted. Well between the spring snow storms and all the rain we've been having, we've finally gotten in all the Soccer games, played a couple baseball games (more have been rained out than actually played), got to see friends I haven't seen in a couple years, the boys became Tiger & Webelow Scouts, had a couple visits from Grama & Grampa Heitz (got to go swimming at thier hotel), learned to tie flies, planted some peppers, tomato's, flowers and basil in terariums, visited Grama & Grampa Burton, and some our our cousins, had square ice cream cones, checked out Palisade's Resevoir, went fishing at Wadsworth Pond on Kid Fishing day after we went through all the cool stations and recieved a free tackle box to go with our fishing poles we got last year, helped to get ready for Day Camp. 

Square Ice Cream - Yummy!

Driving Grampa's Four Wheeler, with a little help from Dad.
Can you see those to cute boys in the cave, that is normally under water.
We parked at the end of the dock just cuz it was to wet drive to the shore. Boat dock/ramp was High and Dry! With all the flooding Palisades Res. was being drained to recieve the onslaught coming from the mountains due to the record levels of snowpack and continuing rain and snow.

Boy are those boys "Handsome"

Zane's Team was the Orange Winners - I believe they actually won all thier games too. This year they got colored shirts instead of using the Blue & White reversables.

On May 16th, the Boys had fun learning to tie thier own flies thanks to the Fly Tieing Club and the Fish and Game


The boys got to Check out and sit in the Life Flight Helicopter on Safety Day. Other highlights included seening how the Jaws of Life work,
Checking out the inside of a Fire Truck and an Ambulance

Only got to look at the Military Equipment. They also got to watch mom and dad try to text and drive a golf cart, sorry no pictures. They completed the Bike Obstacle Course for a free hamburger from
Burger King, and then got to recieve a new helmet or knee/elbow pads.

It was great to see good friends even if the reason for getting together was a sad one.