Friday, June 29, 2012

133 days an counting

July 4th - Ava had to have another eye exam on her left eye, so she was pretty much out of it. I spent most of my day running between Ava and the house - the boys played outside some with their friends and on the Wii and Computer playing Skylanders. We watched the fireworks displays from the 6th floor after giving Ava a bath and getting in some holding time. We then made pop corn and headed out to the waiting area. There were even some fireworks that went off right in front of us it was really neat to watch all the fireworks displays from around town. After the main show was over Robert went and gave Ava a bottle still only taking about 16 mls.
Enjoying the fireworks from the 6th Floor of Benefis Hospital
July 3rd - Weaned Ava's Dex more, 2 exams the doc didn't like the first one of the left eye for some of the pictures so she got a second exam.
July 2nd - Today was a lazy day, the boys spent most of it playing Skylanders and napping. Ava had PT at 8 am and snoozed her morning away. Dr. Riedel weaned her Dexamethazone today and hopes we'll be able to successfully wean her completely off in a couple days. She also get to nipple feed once per shift (2 twice a day). She took 11mls from mom at 2pm and 13mls from dad at 8pm. 
July 1st - Wow a new month already the year is 1/2 over and i'm not sure I remember most of it. The boys spent the day playing Skylanders, while mom and dad took turns spending time with Ava. She tried the bottle for the 2nd time today from dad and consumed 12 mls (twice as much as yesterdays) of milk from the bottle. Maybe tomorrow will try the regular nipple instead of the low flow. She dad napped her dad for the entire afternoon.

June 30th - We are gonna try feeding Ava in 1/2 hour feedings every 3 and trying giving her a chance at trying oral once per day. Ava got to try feeding from a bottle today. She made lots of funny faces at first as she tasted and tried the milk.

Ahhh...I'm full and my burp cloth aka cloth diaper makes an awesome blankie (fits perfect)

Enjoyed good food with good company and then the boys, Sara, and I caught the second 1/2 of the Voyagers baseball game - they won with some great plays. Then went back and had smores for dessert.

June 29th -  YAY! no more lovanox shots for the clot. She also was weaned on feedings to an hour and that went well. She of course loves brother time in the evenings. I picked up tickets for tomorrows Voyager Game for the boys. Fingers crossed we'll be able to find them new bikes tomorrow. Talked to Melanie of Quality Life Concepts about services for Miss Ava got her signed up and she'll be in the system next week sometime. Doesn't sound like our offer for the house was even considered, guess we keep looking.


June 28th - Ava had a pretty good day. They weaned her from 2 hours to 1 1/2 hours on her feedings and she has tolerated it really well. However she did not like her vitamins and up chucked it all over mom and her during her pt session. That made for a 2nd change of cloths for the day. She also had an ultra sound/scan on her clot - it sounds like it may be disolved so hopefully no more shots.
Blake (10), Ava (4 months), Zane (7) -  133 days in the hospital - 5lbs 8.4oz?

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