Thursday, June 21, 2012

I love my brother's and they love me

June 27th -Only change today was to go from feeds in 2 1/2 hours to completing feeds in 2 hours. She had PT this morning at about 8, one of those mornings i'm gonna get there on time, but she was bright eyed and sociable when in was there this morning. She tolerated the change in oxygen flow yesterday. The boys and their friends are all about to drive me nuts. Signing paper work to see if we can get a house that is near the boys school and still close to the hospital.

June 26th - Ava had an eye exam this morning and they sent it to Billings, hopefully nothing exciting on that front. They went down to 2 1/2 liters flow in the afternoon.

June 25th  - They decided to wean again the the dexamethazone today. Stayed the course on everything else. Blake likes to go over and get in his cuddle time with his sister.

June 24th - Today they are changing her from continuous feeds to feeds every 3 hours delivered over 2 1/2 hours so she has a full tummy feel. She did good without her morphine so one less thing to wean her from. 
 I love my brother so much he snuggles me right to sleep.

 Me and my brothers - see they make me happy!
Look how cute i look in my "It's a Preemie" Thing onsie that Linda Humpherys Eliason for the the awesome vynl for colth it works great and she is so cute. Her store is  Vinyl Heartstrings

Today was bath night.
June 23rd -  Well it was a busy day, didn't get over to the hospital in time for rounds as the day started with pumping at 6:30, then off to pick up the bountiful basket at the Heisey Center at 7:30 and then off to see if we could get the boys bigger bikes, that was a disaster which ended in no bikes as they picked them out had them in hand and then were told nope someone else gets them. So they checked out bikes at a couple bike places all way more than mom an dad can pay right now. We also went and got our huckleberry roll and Zane got a porkie at the Farmer's Market. Mom spent the rest of the Morning with Ava and Dad spent the late afternoon/evening with her. Dr. Kenny weaned her dexamethozone and discontinued the morphine today, there is talk of changing her over to bolus feeds on Sunday. The boys also got to go swimming at the Natatorium for an hour or 2 while mom and dad did some shopping.

June 22nd - Mom spent time with Ava in the morning and then the boys and mom went over and spent time with Ava at the 4 o'clock cares. She was a bright eye-d little lady most of the day only napping after lunch. Dad hung out with her after work till the 8 o'clock cares. Only change today was upping her feeds to 14.5ml.
June 21st - 1st Day of Summer - the boys spent it playing wii and with friends outside. They got to go over and see Ava who was fairly happy to be held by big brother. Zane recorded a temp of 99 so he was a good big brother and didn't hold her, although he was sad.

Today Ava is 126 days old or 4 months 5 days. She had a great day. We had PT and learned how to work with her to loosen her up from being a stationary baby for so long. and Dr. Padilla weaned her morphine and  as well as pushed her down from a flow of 4 to a flow of 3 on her oxygen, which she has tolerated quite well today. She is on 14 mls per hour of breastmilk that is fortified with Nutrigemen

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