Thursday, March 22, 2012

Much needed Burton Update

September 2011 to March 2012

Ok its been quite a while since I last blogged. Lots has happened. I'll try to sum up what we've been up to.
I'll add pictures later.
We've been busy, we got to take a boat ride through the Gates of the Mountains, the boys have been busy with school and cub scouts. Selling lots of Popcorn in Sept. and Oct.and then delivering it all in November.

Zane had his 7th Birthday in Oct. he and a couple friends went swimming then we headed over for ice cream cake at the DQ.

Blake celebrated his birthday similarly with a swim party with friends and ice cream cake after wards.

We learned in late November that the Stork would dropping us a new little bundle due on Grampa Chezum's birthday the 22nd of May. Much speculation at to whether the newest addition would be a girl or boy and whether they would indeed arrive as scheduled ensued as we told family in Dec. and Jan. 

We enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas at home, a mild winter with no snow really for Christmas.

Grama and Grampa took all the Grandkids on the North Pole Express out of Lewistown in Dec. All the kid and adults had fun traveling to the North Pole on the Train. They enjoy playing in the pool and hot tub at the motel as well. They spent most of their time in the hot tub as the pool was VERY COLD.

The boys had their Christmas programs the week before school let out and this year we had to go a different day for each boy.  Due to conflicting schedules we did not make our annual Christmas trip to Grama and Grampa Heitz's. We also wanted to go to Grama and Grampa Burtons but that didn't pan out either.

In January Scouts resumed with Blake and Dad working on outdoor skills and practicing them at the Winter. Klondike up at Camp Rotary near Monarch Montana.

The boys learned to ski and got to go several times during Christmas Break and throughout January. Blake went with his 4th grade class and they both went during the District BSA learn to ski days.

Jan also included the making and racing out our pinewood derby cars. A family effort went into making the 1st-3rd place overall Trophies. The numbers were on sale at Micheal's and I was able to find a 1 and a 3. There were no 2's so we turned a S into a 2. The 3 decided to disappear before we could use it, so we returned to Micheal's for a B, the 1st B broke so we ended up getting a third B to turn into a 3.  The boys built their Derby Cars and raced them at the Pack Pinewood Derby we held at the Missouri River Manor. We had a couple residents come join us.

February brought Little Miss Ava Grace who was 13 weeks 5 days early. More about her later. We also had the Pack Blue and Gold with a cool presentation from Cubmaster Robert Burton and a neat opening ceremony by Andrew. We had good food, the boys earned lots of belt loops, awards, pins and camp certificate money.

The 1st of March brought District Pinewood Derby and the racing of Pinewood Derby Cars, Semi Trucks, and Boats. The boys are also working on their swimming belt loops and pin at swim lesson every Sat. and will get to participate in Scouting for Food the last 2 Saturdays in March.

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