Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day and Ava's Newest Adventures

March 21 - She's down to room air oxygen level today! Sounds like we will be here for another 2 weeks or so. She can't have milk till 7 days after surgery and then they want her up to 1/2 feedings before they let us go as the want to make sure all is going well and that she won't need to come back right away. First milk feeding would be coming up Monday.

March 20th - There has been no drainage from the chest tube drain so this was not the problem. They re-evluated and have increased the pressure on the ventilator. This seems to be doing the trick, it may have just been that her lung was under inflated and had collapsed. Dottie and Ranae came  to visit and bring my meds. We got out and had some ice cream at Baskin Robins. Ranee took a picture of Ava in her grannie pants - premiee diapers are still huge on her but the x-small premiee diapers don't hold all the pee so that they don't have to constantly change bedding they've put pampers premiee's on her.

March 19 - I was awoke at 2 am by the pager the Doctor on shift suspects that there is fluid on Ava's lower right lung. Her previous x-ray shows the entire lungs well. They took another x-ray as here right arm which has the PICC line is all puffy compared to her other limbs. They think she is getting fluid from that and have removed the PICC line and wanted to put in a Chest Tube Drain. So chest tube drain it is. I got to hold Ava while they took out the open isolete and brought in the closed isolete. It wasn't really holding but you take what you can get.

March 18 - Ava got to have her first airplane ride today. She was flown to Seattle Children's Hospital. This morning at 8 am we recieved a call that we needed to come to the hospital as they felt it neccessary to send her to Seattle as the mornings x-ray showed air in her belly which indicated there was a perferation.

 Heading to the Airport
 Ava's private jet.

Getting Settled into the Plane.
In Seattle at Seattle's Children's Hospital
On March 17th -  The silly leprechaun turned out milk green this morning so we had green cream of wheat and for supper we had green eggs and ham.

We went to Walmart today and Blake and Zane got to pick out her first outfits for when she's ready for clothes. Blake picked out a cute purple outfit with little flowers and Zane's is white and purple that says "Little Sister"

Ava was taken off her feeding tube again, although she's digesting her milk, she's not having bowel movements and so her little tummy was getting very round. No milk left in her tummy and she wasn't bloated this time. They are beginning to wean her off the steroids she's on for her lung development.

March 16th -

March 15th - Today Ava is now 4 weeks old. It doesn't seem like she's been with us a whole month.

sigh...haven't gotten to see Ava today, by the time i got the boys sent out the door for school, showered and did the mechanical nursing it was time to go to dr. appt. then home for lunch, more mechanical nursing, off to see Ava - but they were changing her oxygen set up, we waited but had to leave for the iep mtg. which took till 3:45 then brought the boys home to get their jump rope for heart donations, dad took them back, and I stayed for more fun mechanical nursing, dad and boys returned, he left to see Ava and i know have 6 more oz. of milk in the freezer, and thanks to Cristen and Roxie we have supper so maybe i'll get over to see ms Ava who is now 4 weeks old (30 weeks & 2 days gestation) during cares at 7:30.

Finally made it over, but not in time for a picture of her on her back all comfy, maybe tomorrow. She is doing much better on the new machine, not sure if you call it an upgrade or a down grade, but she's much happier for now, her numbers came up faster with less added oxygen.

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