Friday, March 23, 2012

Ava's Progess & Grampa

March 28th - Upon arriving at the NICU this morning I learned that Ava had to give up her room and moved to another room which she shares with another little baby. She didn't like sharing at first but she got over it. I also learned that during the night around Midnight they stopped her milk feed as she wasn't digesting it all, this is common after surgery for them to take a little extra time getting everything working like it should. At rounds it was suggest that she get the Synagis shot to help prevent her from getting RSV, it won't totally prevent it but will definitely keep her much more protected during the RSV season. She also was ordered a blood transfusion so mommy didn't get any cuddle time. Hopefully I'll get a chance later this evening after cares.

I learned from Dad that the boys did a disappearing act at school and their ride had a hard time finding them. All is well and they were found. Dad took off from work to help locate them and since they didn't get as much playtime as they wanted he let them stay a little longer at the Olsen's.

I know everyone wants more pictures. I'm taking them, just don't have a way to upload them right now. Hopefully when I get my camera cable I'll be able to upload some. I have some on the old phone that will have to wait till we are sent home. Not sure when that will be.
March 27th - Today Ava would be 32 weeks gestational age. She had a good day today. Now 9 days post surgery she is allowed to have milk. She gets 1/2 ml per hour through a feeding tube and is on continuous feed. She is still on the vent tube but seems to be doing well with it, her blood gases have stayed within approved limits and her oxygen saturation levels are low which is good. They did a cystic fibrosis swab today, hope to know more of the results in the next couple of days at rounds.


March 26th - The are discontinuing more of Ava's meds and others are staying for a few more days. She's been stable today and got to snuggle with mom for  2 hours this afternoon. They are doing more testing to rule out cystistic fribosis as the cause of her bowel perforations.

Grampa got released from the hospital today. Grama reports that he wants to do a bunch of things instead of going home and resting up. Hope he doesn't over due it and end up back in the hospital.
March 25th - Today Mom talked to Grampa Heitz and he says that all the pain is gone and that they will be discharging him tomorrow. Had a good visit with Sharon Schmidt as she was in visiting with Grampa Heitz. Told Grampa to accept hugs from Kelly and Patty since I wasn't there to give them myself.

Mom got to have about 40 minutes of kangaroo snuggle time with Ms. Ava. She is so tiny. 2lb's 8 oz's looks tiny just to look at but is even tinier to hold.  Hope she feels up to it again tomarrow afternoon. Mom has an over abundance of milk in the NICU freezer and not sure what to do, have tried the milk banks but thats a no go, tried an online network that didn't work either not sure what to try next.

Mom & Ava snuggling

Cousin's Dana and kids Tyler and Jessica came up to visit and see little Ms. Ava. Mom had requested some items little things like finger nail clippers and some yarn and crochet hooks and they were kind enough to get them for her. They then took mom out and we did a little baby girl shopping and picked up some cute outfits for Ava and some Blankets and socks as well.

Dad looked at houses in Great Falls and Sun Prairie, he succeeded in weeding out a few more prospects. Hopefully we'll find one soon.
March 24th - Ava tried out 3 different CPAP's overnight and then ended up going back on the ventilator that is inserted in her throat after lunch today. She seems to do the best on this one for now. She is getting stronger each day and is up to 2lbs 8oz. she has gained 7 oz. since she arrived in Seattle.  She is quite the little Diva and keeps her Nurse and RT on their toes, should be an interesting night when I deliver milk.

Mom Glenda got a chance to get out and see some of Seattle today as is was a nice day, no rain. Cousin Dottie and her Daughter Ranae, SIL and little Malachi took her down to the pier and then we checked out the Pike Market and got the boys Seattle Hat's and Shirts and a Shirt for Ava. We enjoyed pork on a stick, cinnamon rolls and pirosky's.
 Down by the pier
Pike's Market

Dad Robert, Blake and Zane had a busy day today too. They had swimming lessons, put bags out for Scouting for Food and went and looked at some houses.

Grampa had 2 blocked arteries and the doctors put in 3 stints. I talked to him this evening and he seems to be doing well and is in good spirits. He's had lots of company from the Schmidt family who is all in Billings on the same floor visiting Laurine. Thanks Roscoe & Sharon for beining there for us.

March 23rd - Ava moved to CPAP vent through a cannula. She seems to be overall puffy, even her face is really puffy, I hope they give her a diuretic to help with the puffiness. The inscion area looks infected and seems to be pulling open they are watching this and treating it with antibiotics as well.

Grampa Glenn had a heart attack. He had been feeling pain in his arm and chest and decided to go to Miles City and check it out, they treated him for a heart attack and he was flown to Deaconess in Billings by MedVac from Miles City. He was coherent and Lynn and I were able to talk to him on the cell phone before he was flown out. Mom stayed behind and awaited the doctors call that he arrived in Billings and then headed home for some rest and to get stuff for Dad.

March 22nd

Today Ava is 5 weeks old. She is doing quite well post surgery. She does have a little infection around the incision are they are treating it and keeping a close eye on it. They are weaning her off the morphine and her ventilator settings have been awesome. They do have her on her side to help improve lung inflation on her right side hoping they don't have to increase the pressure on her lungs. She will hopefully start feedings through a feeding tube on Monday.

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