Friday, March 23, 2012

Ava and The boys

I will add more here as i have time.
(Feb. 23-Feb. 29th)
Feb. 27 -
Ava Update - Today she's struggled with breathing as she develops her lungs. She had a severe case of lung disease at birth and will struggle more to get them healthy and developed properly. They have been giving her 1ml of milk through here feeding tube every 3 hours up from 1 ml every 6 hours. We're told she likes her milk :).

We enjoyed Blue & Gold with Pack 7. Everyone was asking about little Miss Ava pictures were shared. The food was good and the Presentation of the Flags and Awards was fun to watch. The Tigers had a skit they shared with us too.

Flag Presentation and the Story Of Cub Scouting by Andrew Cochran

Learning the story and Meaning of the Colors of the Nickerchiefs

Feb. 24 -Ava Grace update - Ms Ava is taking to all treatments and changes very well. Right now they are concentrating on strengthening her lungs. She seems to keep changing machines regularly, she is now off the ventelator that she was on, they had her on a cpap type machine most of this afternoon, as of this evening when dad went for cares it had changed again all to help her lungs grow and get stronger. They have started to give her 1ml of milk every 6 hours to start "waking up" her stomach as they call it. I guess I know what i'll be busy doing in my spare/non spare time. As for me My mom is taking good care of me, and making sure I get the rest i and care I need.

Feb. - 23 - Ava is one week old today.

Picture in On my Phone :(

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