Thursday, September 1, 2011

And so it begins

School started August 31st. The day before school started the boys got to check out thier new classrooms, meet thier teachers and see who was in their class.

Mountain View School 2011-2012
4th & 1st Grades

 Zane sitting at his new desk, In kindergarten they sat in groups and moved around the room in stations as they had a base teacher but were taught by all 3 teachers. This year he is in one classroom  and his teacher is Mrs. Zimmerli and they have thier own desks.
 Standing by his name tag for his backpack and coat.  

Blake is a Mighty 4th Grader this year in Mrs. Shei's class - he was excited to learn that they would be getting thier own lockers this year.

Blake my 4th Grader
Zane my 1st Grader 
Brother's ~ I think they might like each other Not sure.
Always have to capture the backpacks, Blake and I started this when he was in Pre-School

I've tried the last 2 days of School to get the 1st Bus ride pictures. Hasn't happened yet as the bus as been very late, so late that I've had to take them to school, the 1st day they we're a little late and then right on time today. Hoping the bus will be on time tomarrow so I can get my 1st Bus Ride picture of the school year.
What handsome young boys ready for thier 1st day of School. 

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