Friday, March 23, 2012

Our First Week

I will be adding more here as i have time to fill in the voids. Since i have not been keeping up like i should or started when I should i'll try to fill in from my scattered memory and post pictures when I get home.

Pictures are on my phone which i don't have the cord for.

Feb. 22nd -

Feb. 21st - Ava is 27 weeks gestation today.

Feb. 20th - I finally got the go ahead to go home. Robert came and got me arround 4pm. I checked out after going to see Ava. We took the perscriptions for Mom and dropped them off at Walgreens. I got to have supper with the boys, dad and Grama.
Feb. 19th - Mom had a few Visitors - Carolyn and Jerry came up and visited while my mom was there. Had a good visit. Showed them the pictures of Miss Ava. Ron & Kathy Colwell and Cathy Korona came up and visited mom as well. Mom got down to the 6th Floor to see Miss Ava a couple times through out the day.
Feb. 18th - Dad, Grama and the boys came to see Mom and bring her clean clothes to wear. Aunt Marybeth and Cousin Jennifer sent beautiful flowers to brighten Mom's room. Thanks Joyce Hogan for delivering Jennifer's flowers. Bishop Brewer and Brother Giles paid Mom and Dad a visit in the evening. Dad also brought mom the kindle fire and the charger for her phone.
Feb. 17th - Dad was able to take Mom down to see Ava. It's quite surrel to see your little one hooked up to so many machines and not be able to hold them. I was able to get and atleadt touch her. Grampa & Grama Heitz and Aunt Lynn came to see Mommy and Ava for a little bit. Grampa and Aunt Lynn headed to Billings for the MATE show and then on home. Grama is staying to help take care of Big Brothers Blake and Zane until Mom is healed up. A big Thanks to Sister Mecham for bringing supper over for the overwhelmed Daddy and visitors. Blake and Zane hung out with Andrew and got to go Rollerskating. They had a lot of fun skipping school.
Feb. 16th - Ava Made her enterance into the world. See previous post for all the details.

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