Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinewood Derby Races and Ava

Wow She's been with us for 3 weeks can't believe how time flies

(Mar. 1st - March 7th)
March 6th - Miss ava has has a rough couple of days. last night and Today has been much better. The doctors did decide to put her on a steroid to help her lungs to hopefully start to develop and get her off the current ventilator and on her way to breathing completely on her own. She is upto 10 mil's of milk every 3 hours and they will be increasing it by 1 mil every 12 hours instead of every 24.
March 3rd - District Pinewood Derby Races - Race day. The boys had a good time at the District Pinewood Derby Races. We didn't win but we did our best.

March 2nd - The boys readied their pinewood derby cars, truck and boat for the pinewood derby races and we took them down and entered them.

Zane with his Boat and Car - Blake with his Car and Semi

I know the pictures are sideways but i can't edit them on the SCH computers

March 1st - Ava is now 2 weeks old. We are starting to get a routine of sorts. Dad goes to see her in the mornings and delivers milk if needed, at lunch with Mom and then on his way home. Mom tries to get over in the mornings after getting boys off to school, getting her own breakfast and taking meds, getting through the shower, making phone calls, and adding milk to the freezer. Mom and Dad also go over for Cares at 8pm.

Ava update - I know its been awhile since I gave one. She's is still on the ventilator, no improvement in her lungs as of yet. She is able to digest 4 mls of milk every 3 hours and they increase the milk by 1 ml every 24 hours. She can spend some time on her tummy and she loves that.

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