Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ava's Story

February 16, 2012

Ava Grace Burton was born on February 16, 2012 in Great Falls, Montana to Robert & Glenda Burton she joined her 2 brothers Blake and Zane. When she entered the world at 4:26 pm she weighed 1lb 7oz and was 11 1/2 inches in length.

Her story beings when I went in for a routine Dr.'s Appointment on Thurs. Feb. 16th at 10 am. I had the previous day been congested and had sinus pressure as i was starting to come down with a cold. The nurse in training at the Ob Clinic checked my blood pressure and it was high so he asked the nurse he was shadowing to recheck, she to got a high reading. Not sure the exact numbers just know the top was in the 200 range and the bottom in the 100's. The called the Dr. who was at the hospital delivering another baby. They sent me over to Benefis to be monitored. I called Robert to let him know i was being sent to the hospital for observation. I was admitted to Delivery and hooked up to a fetal monitor to monitor baby (didn't know it was a little girl yet), don't tell the boys they said they were having a little sister all along. They continued to monitor me and ordered an ultra sound on the baby about 2 in the afternoon. I called Robert to see if he wanted to come over to see the ultra sound since the 2 before he had not been able to make. He said he'd get through the shower and head over - he had stayed home from work as he was still getting over the cold i was coming down with. He managed to get through the shower and upstairs but sat down on the couch and fell asleep.

The baby was measuring 23 - 24 weeks instead of 26 weeks. A team of doctors came in and said that I need to deliver the baby that day. It was close to 3:40 pm and about time for the boys to be getting home from school, I asked the doctors if there was time for my husband to find someone to come stay with our boys and for him to come to the hospital since we live 2 blocks from the hospital. They said that would be fine but he would need to get there as soon as possible. I called  Robert and told him  that he needed to call Grama Cathy to come get his boys and to come to the hospital ASAP. While he was doing this the nurse prepped me for surgery. When Robert got there the Doctor's quickly briefed him handed him his scrubs, and wheeled me into surgery.

Little Miss Ava was then brought into the world - they quickly showed her to us and then began working on her, once she was ready to go down to NICU dad followed her down. I was the sewed up and taken to recovery. I was not able to go see her till Friday before Grama & Grampa Heitz and Aunt Lynn arrived.

The Grandparent's were informed of her arrival by Dad. The boys spent the night and most of Friday with their friend Andrew.

Pictures to be Added later - to be continued

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