Friday, May 18, 2012

3 months

May 23rd - Ava had went into surgery at 11:20 am this morning, she was 2nd case surgery then 1st then 2nd. She did great, and surgery was complete by 1pm. Although it took some doing for mom to get from 1st Floor Giraffe to 4th Floor Train to talk to the Surgeon as there was a fire drill got an escort from one of the gals at the front desk of Train. We worked our way from Giraffe 4 to Train 4 through the back hallways.

Ava and Mom before surgery.
May 22nd - Today Ava is 40 weeks gestation - It's her due date. She weighed 5lbs 1.8 oz. and was 16 inches long. We tried to get good footie prints several times today. Talked to the doctors about her surgery tomorrow for reconnection - reostmois - they will try to use the same incisions and it will take approximately  an hour and a half. She is scheduled for around 10 am - as she is the second surgery. Will know more tomorrow.
Ava's Due Date Certificate :)

 Ava on her Due Date

May 21st - Seems like we're just treading water. They upped her to 9 mls of milk per hour but nothing else changed. She does have a surgery date for reconstruction for Wed morning. I set up a account on as i really want to go home to visit the boys and Robert but tickets are expensive the link to donate is If i can get a cheaper ticket and there is left over donations know that your still helping as although i'm staying at the Ronald McDonald House there are expenses such as meal, medical, and clothes for Ava. Since "Uncle" Ian was her nurse tonight i asked what she weighed and her length. She is 16 inches long  and 5 lb. .2 oz. getting to be a big girl for sure.
May 20th - Ava had a pretty good day, not much to report, as she's still on the vent with the same settings they did up her calories per ounce, no word yet what day surgery will be. "Uncle" Ian the nurse let me hold last night before weighing and measuring, he did that around midnight I'm assuming.
May 19th - Ava continues to make slow progress. She is up to 8mls per hour on feeds, and her vent settings are still pretty much the same. Robert and the boys where gonna have supper with the Girl Scouts. Will be interesting to here all about that tomorrow.
May 18th - Ava was taken to radiology at 9:30 am for her study to determine if she is able to have her ostomy/stoma and fistula reconnected sometime next week, she was back by 10 am. There was a Pulmonary Specialist in the house that came a talked with the doctors about a couple babies including Ava but from what i gather not much was gleamed that they aren't already doing.

Her due date is coming up fast and I thought it would be fun to do a Due Date Certificate - so i spent a good chunk of my afternoon creating just that. (picture later). Will have it filled out on her Due date on the 22nd as a keepsake with her footie prints on it, and maybe even a hand print if we can get one.

May 17th - Today Ava is 92 days old or 13 weeks. She weighed 4lbs 12 oz.
Today wasn't much different other than they cut back on her calories and are trying a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of a specific formula and breast milk. They did go down on her pressure support on the vent and she seems to be tolerating that, still has a long ways to go. Good news moment was when Ellie her primary resident in training came in and told me that the surgery team has confirmed that they will be reosmosing Ava sometime next week. No date was given but she will be put on the surgery schedule baring any emergency surgeries.

Robert, Blake & Zane spent time with Grampa and Grama Heitz at their hotel swimming and soaking in the hot tub and telling them all about their visit to see Mom and Ava in Seattle, WA.

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