Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Weeks in Seattle and Counting

May 9th - Well Ava's prayer and mom's weren't answered the way we wanted. She will have laser surgery on Thursday to help correct the ROP in her right eye. Her left eye does not need surgery at this time. This new development will keep us in Seattle for at least another 4-5 weeks, longer if we later need to do surgery on her left eye as well.

Ava although tolerating the 12mls of milk per hour is not absorbing all and it is causing her to have very wet stool, so they decided to go back down to the 11mls per hour.

On another note King County News will be interviewing me next tues on what/why I believe in breastfeeding and the benefits to Ava as a preemie. Not sure when it will air and hopefully I can get a copy or link to the aired interview.

May 8th - Ava is now on full feeds milk wise and calorie wise that will probably happen tomorrow. Today's funny for rounds was discovered after wards, and will be shared tomorrow with Ava's team. Just as rounds started i received a call from a Montana number, but put it on silence. After wards I called the number back to find out it was one of the nurses from Premier Pediatrics - Dr. Garvers office wanting to know if we were following up on the eye exam. We did discuss that she is scheduled for an eye exam again on Weds. so i was able  to tell the nurse that yes we had been following up and that she was to be seen on Wed.
Little Ava - Looks like she's saying a little prayer - hope its that she gets her plumbing hooked back up soon and that her eye exam goes well tomorrow.
May 7th - Well no big events here in Seattle, WA. Ava is now 4lbs 11oz and still 15.5 inches long. She has been moved up  to 11 mls per hour on feeds, almost full feeds. Feels like we are in a holding pattern here, as we haven't a clue what surgery's plans are, we are waiting the results of Wed.'s eye exam, and no progress or attempt has been made to get Ava closer to getting off the ventilator.

Grama called just before I was headed to rounds to tell me about Grampa using to short of clippers and giving himself a reverse mohawk,  to short to go out in public. This was shared at rounds as the doc wanted to know what was so funny.

We heard that Blake, Zane and Dad had a good time at the Cub Scout cookout at the Wills home cooking hot dogs and smores.
May 6th- Today's big event was that Ava was moved up to 10mls per hour and the TPN taken off. I had made the comment to Nurse Sara last night that Ava's stoma(ostomy) and fistula were trying to reconnect themselves and some how Dr. Ryan McAdams got wind of it and thought it quite funny. Ava weighed 4lbs 6 oz. last night. As it is Sunday Ava will get her full work up tonight and we'll find out weight and length.
Before - with Medline pump & tpn/pump on pump pole
After with only the milk pump and the medline pump - more space
And yes we do have a window with a view - mostly of the new addition to the hospital, but you can see some trees too.
May 5th - Ava is still on 9mls of milk up 28 calories per once. Same vent settings. She destats quite regularly even when mommy is holding her, but is able to bring herself up most of the time without being given extra oxygen.  She had her favorite nurse Alayne today, but didn't see her much as she was busy with the other little girl in our shared room.

 Her onsie says My Daddy makes me smile
 May 4th - Ava has been opening her eyes more and more often, but usually at night when i can't take pictures, but i was able to get some cute ones today before she had to be re-taped. When I came back from lunch today my nurse asked if I'ld be interested in being interviewed for a special on breast feeding and benefits. Apparently one of the Seattle news stations media persons contacted the media relations at Seattle Children's Hospital wanting to interview a mom in the NICU so they contacted Ava's Doctor's who decided that Ava and I were the best ones to talk to. So we agreed and Lisa will be contacting me sometime Monday about setting up a time.

Bright eyed little girl, during the day even.
See my friends see I have my eye's open.
May 3rd -Ava is now 11 weeks old. We had a busy day Rounds which it was decided to keep her at She is still on 9 mls of milk per hour 24 calories per ounce. Pulmonary came and did a bronchial scope with a teeny tiny camera to see if she had floppy airways as they say. She passed with flying colors for NO floppy airways, so still no closer to figuring out how to get her off the vent tube.  Thanks to a wonderful lady by  the name of Linda Childs I was able to go pick up some groceries and use one of my WIC coupons.  Maxine, Nancy, Kayla and Maddy came down from Mt. Vernon for a visit and brought me the most awesome diaper bag! I'll have to take a picture of it and explain it more later. We we're gonna try the Melting Pot restaurant but it was a 45 minute wait to get a table, so we decided we'd try it another time when we could get a reservation first. Instead we had Thai food across the street, since we had already had the car parked and it was raining it sounded like a great choice, which is was.

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  1. Wonderful news for little Ava and you guys. She is just adorable. Thanks so much for the pictures and update.