Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 more weeks?

May 16th - Nothing new to report. Ava is still on the 6 mls of milk no change that. They may try tweeking her settings on the vent, not sure what they will do. I hope something. I feel like a gerble running in place on the wheel.
May 15th - We got filmed today for a breastfeeding premiee segment. I talked about the antiboties and that it reduces her chances of child hood caner and diabete's. Will share a link to the facebook & website when it airs on King 5 news.

May 14th - More of the same, seems like we are little gerbles running in place. She did move up to 6 mils of milk other than that staying the course of antibiotics and keeping current vent settings. I'm told Zane says she's supposed to come home in 2 weeks, I sure wish that would happen, but not likely.

Tommarrow is the big day for the interview for King News to talk about the benifits of breast milk to Premiees, sure hope that all goes well, I've never been interviewed or on TV before.

May 13th - Happy Mother's Day. I got a card from little miss Ava this morning, before rounds, which she was kept at her current settings for everything today.

I got to go on a Chocolate tasting tour and learn about several chocolatiers in Seattle. Bought some raspberry popcorn. After wards we had lunch at the Serious Pie (Pizza) and walked the Pike Place Market, picked out some flowers, got Lea a ice cream cone and bought some chocolates at Frans.
Then had some cuddle time with Ava this evening.
May 12 -Ava was able to chill today. Mommy would have liked to have held her but decided that it was better to let her chill and give the antibiotics do thier magic. I also was able to get some rest as well. They also decided to put her back on TPN and keep her at 5 mls an hour as she wasn't absorbing her milk properly and most of it was going straight through her.
May 11th - Its been a long day for Ava, we had rounds and mommy let her chill in her bed. The afternoon brought lots of  excitement as they worked with her to draw blood, took a sampling from her vent tube, and and redid her colostomy bag. She also had a lot of thick secretions in her mouth and a CBC that showed elevated levels which indicated she has an infection. Her work up and bag change took several hours. After they were done mommy and Ava had some snuggle time. On a good note she is back on feeds after surgery and slowly working back up to 11mls.

Today at rounds there was someone who came to observe if the Parents, Nurses, Dr.'s extra work all communicating about the patients care. Definitely got a glowing report as I was asking questions, the nurse was asking questions, pharmacy and dietitian had questions concerns and the Dr. and Resident Dr.s were all listening and communicating.
May 10th- Ava is having laser surgery on her right eye to correct ROP, which began at 11:30 am PST. Hopefully we will be able to be transported back to Great Falls in 4 weeks if everything goes well and we don't have to have surgery on the left eye, we are also hopeful that the surgery doctors will decide to re-osmosis before going home as well.

I'm told Surgery went well and they were done and out there by 2pm. We'll know more when she has a follow up eye exam next Wed or Thurs.

Moosie giving Ava a hug. She didn't like it much, especially that he was as big as her. She is 15.5 inches long and about 4lbs 11 oz. @ 12 weeks and is tolerating feeds of 11 mls per hour @ 28 Calories per ounce.

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