Thursday, July 24, 2014

What a Week and the Camping Begins

We are exploring the River's Edge Trail system each Thurs when we can. Last thurs we walked down to Black Eagle Dam from the Black Eagle Parking lot, we had lunch and the headed back. The boys road bikes.

Char, Ava, Zane, Blake and I found a nice bench to enjoy our lunch before heading back.

We ended the week with fun at the Water Park Flow Rider. The boys had taken swim lessons at the Natatorium and the last day they got to enjoy the Flow Rider at the Water Park. They had a great time, we kept Ava home due to the poor air quality - too much smoke from Canada, Washington and Idaho Fires.


 Zane - coming down the slide
Blake exiting the slide.

Sunday Blake and Robert loaded up and headed off to Scout Camp at K-M outside of Lewistown Mt.
Blake passed his BSA Swim Test - we are so excited as he has struggled to pass it.
Zane, Ava and I attended a special Church Mtg. where we learned the Ward boundaries were changed as well as the Ward names. We will be part of the Overlook Ward, some members of our old 3rd Ward will be joining us and others will be part of the new Portage Ward. We are sad to not be joined by our all our ward family but excited to meet our new ward family.


The smoke cleared Sunday evening, so we can still enjoy our nightly walks with Ava who so enjoys being pushed around the neighborhood in her stroller.

 Ava kinda likes her Brother Blake, and watching pokemon with him and Brother Zane.

"Bathtime with Ava Tues night" - Ava loves baths but not this night, she let the nurse know she was "All Done", by throwing a fit and throwing up just her meds in the tub, she was still un happy that she had to clean her up before taking her out of the bath even though she thought she was all done. Wouldn't cooperate with dressing or trach care. Was finally happy when she was put in her stroller to go on her walk. Then happily cruised around the couch and got into the cupboards till bed time.
 I  was talking to Mom on the phone and she asked what we were up  to, I turned to find this! A pop bottle stuck to Ms. Ava's Diaper Bum.
 So I promptly put Mom on speaker and took some pictures.

Zane has been enjoying his week with out brother by hanging out with his friend Jeramya, watching pokemon on the computer, and going for walks with us, - he of course rides his bike. He has also been a great helper in helping me keep the garden watered.

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