Sunday, August 3, 2014

Webelo's Week

It was Zane's turn finally to get to go to Scout Camp - Webelo's Camp that is.
Zane and Dad Pic
The Goofy Group -
They had a lot of fun, the boys were in some classes together and some by them selves, but their down time was together. The trip to get to Grizzly Base took a little longer than planned as Joe's pick up didn't like Lincoln gas.
Some of the activities they participated in were Archery, BB's, Forestry, Showman, Fishing, and Geology. They all said they want to go back next year.


 Ava says pop bottle lids aren't just for pop bottle, they make great diaper accessories as well.

Zane and Robert
 Saturday when Robert and Blake got back from their adventures at K-M Scout Ranch we checked out the Super Retriever Series at Scheels.



This wonderful sign has been hanging out on 25th Ave. South - apparently they put up a YIELD sign so we needed a temp sign telling us there is a traffic control change.

Blake enjoyed his couple of days with out brother watching TV, going for walks with Mom, Ava and Nurses, going to Farmers Market to get his Fudge Brownie and even got Zane his "Porkie Stick" for when they got back. The return trip was much quicker they even stopped and picked up "Flathead Cherries".

Blake also got to show his Kayak off to his Uncle Jake, Aunt Lynn, cousins and their Grama Kelly. In exchange for some Flathead Cherries we guided them to Aunt Lynn's appt. and took Grama Kelly to Walmart. There will be a new healthy little Kelly in Nov. and Tucker's appt. went well.

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