Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here's what was happening Last Year July 19th - July 25th 2012

July 23rd - Ava was pretty sleepy when mom tried to nipple feed at 11am and took only 16 mils, then became a fussy butt and decided to nap for the rest of it, and was fussy in the afternoon as well. When they checked her Co2 gas levels they were high so they decided to put her on a RAM cannula similar to a cpap but uses a cannula instead of the CPAP mask. The boys got to do some school shopping and picked up their back packs and a few school supplies, still have some things to get but have 90% of the supplies just need to go clothes shopping yet and pick up the rest of the items as they go on sale.

July 22nd - The boys helped me pick out pictures on Saturday evening to share in Church today. The sisters enjoyed seeing the little miss who resides at the hospital. Ava took 30 mils of milk from the nurse this morning and then took 26 mils from Dad after getting her bath. She topped the scales at 7lbs 1.7oz reversing her birth weight and was 17.5 inches long. The boys were promised swimming from 6pm to 8pm at the Electric City Water Park but a Thunder/Lightening/Rain Storm blew in right about 5:30pm and hung on till about 8pm. So we enjoyed some Oreo cookies and milk while we waited to see if it was gonna clear out.

July 21st - After dropping Robert and the boys off at the Caboose for a Pack bike ride mom went and spent some time with Ava, then went and had a picnic lunch with Robert and the Boys at Giant Springs Park. Ava gets to try nipple feeds 2 per shift. She's getting where she takes about 16 -20 mils on average on her good days. She took 28 mils from dad which is an improvement.

July 20th - Ava got to try 1/4 liter of air flow today, apparently she wasn't keen on the idea and started turning blue. Mom didn't get any snuggle time because she dropped off milk around 9am and headed to Billings to met Grampa and Grama and the boys. We had fun browsing Cabela's and Grampa bought the boys each new baseball caps. Had lunch at Burger King and then it was off to see if we could find some cabinetry for Grampa and Grama's house - we tried 3 different places and no luck, but did find some pretty cools things we would like to have. Blake found a old secretary's desk he liked and mom found a box/trunk that she liked. Grama found lots of chairs/recliners she liked.We came back via Roundup since there was construction just outside of Judith Gap (11 miles worth), construction right at Harlowtown and again about 5 miles out there was another 9 miles of construction. There was some construction outside of Roundup but it was just paving so it was easy and smooth. Ran into a nasty Rain  & Lightening storm as we left Lewistiown headed to Eddies Corner where we ate supper about 8pm - Chicken Nuggets, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Large order of fries with ranch dipping sauce, topped off with ice cream cones then we motored the rest of the way home.

Dad got to spend time with Ava afterwork, and was told they tried to wean her oxygen to 1/4 liter flow, which was a no go from the sounds of it.

July 19th - Miss Ava was

Ava likes to stick out her tongue
 Making faces - isn't she cute.
Checking Dad out.

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