Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 12th - 18th

Some how this week got by me. Maybe it was cuz her brothers were with Grandpa and Grama and i got in lots of extra cuddle time. I'll try to remember some details about the week.  Somewhere in the week they weaned to 3/4 of a liter flow and then down to 1/2 liter flow and also weaned her completely off her prednilizone. We also switched to a different vitamin that she will actually digest and not separate and spit up or discharge through her diaper.

July 12th -Ava is now 6 lbs 6.5 oz.

July 13th - Something happened this day, just not sure what. I'm sure I spent time cuddling with the little miss and daddy fed and cuddled her too.

July 14th was fishing with the pack but do to the early rain no one was brave enough to show up and try to catch fish. Robert helped the Cochran's rebuild their back deck. Me, Abby and Doris supervised. Stayed out of the way and watched. It wasn't complete when i headed back over to feed Miss Ava who got her MMR shot today.

July 15th - Made most of Church skipped out on the last 15 minutes of Relief Society to get in a Nursing session with Ava, she latched a couple times but was mostly interested in being social. She weighed 6 lbs 8.1 oz. and was 17.25 inches long.

July 16th - Ava had a eye exam this morning, got it done early this week, and only had to do it once. Left eye didn't want to dilate well. The boys headed over to visit their cousins, sounds like they are gonna spend the night.

July 17th  - Bath night and snuggles with daddy as usual. Dad's been able to get her to drink from the bottle better than mom and the nurses. She really likes her daddy. Grama and the boys spent the night again tonight and are all but Mr. Neale headed back to Grampa's  tomorrow.

July 18th - Hung out at the Mini Golf with some cub scouts, they had a good time and were well behaved little boys. even though it was extremely hot. Well all the kiddo's and Grama and Aunt Lynn made it Glendive much later than anticipated Aunt Lynn and a bad day, pick ups not starting (dead battery),  had to run to town to get a swather tire fixed, and the list goes on. She got one vehicle picked up and headed home and the kids and Grama headed back to Fallon for the night.

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