Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jan 1st 2014 was ushered in watching movies. We watched Epic. There were some fireworks around town that could be seen from out living room window. My goal is to blog more and to fill in the blanks for the last year or so. I will try to hit key points highs and lows so I have some what of a journal for those months, so some reminiscing will be periodically inter mingled. I will try to add pictures too.

We enjoyed being able to bring in the new year at home with all family members present. No split family here. Ava slept through the end of 2013 and into 2014.

Jan. 2nd - We stayed home and veg'd most of the day. The boys and I went to the movie Frozen. They really enjoyed their first movie in a movie theater. Definitely a treat that won't happen often as it comes with quite a price tag. We got home in time to help Blake get started on his genealogy working to find names to take to the temple.

Jan. 3rd -  Zane and I took the opportunity of Free Ice Skating lesson at the ice plex to work on his Ice Skating.

Jan. 4th - Robert and the boys braved the cold and subzero temps and headed up to Showdown for a couple hours of skiing. Ava and I spent the day at home, watching Despicable Me 2.

Jan.5th - Blake was announced as a Deacon in Church this very fridged morning, -4 not counting wind chill. I was supposed to help in the nursery with Ava, we ended up coming home early as Ava had a rough night last night not getting much sleep, not liking her neb treatment, she gave the nurse a hard time, clamping down and dropping o2's down into the 70's. She has been junky sounding but we have not been able to get much out of her secretions wise. She was pretty happy to just hang with us in the living room most of the afternoon.

Jan. 6th - Yay the first day of school in the new year. It was a cold morning and the boys were thankful that the bus picks them up at the door. Ava had a rough night, with her heart rate climbing into the 170's and 180's most of the night. She did not keep down her 4am or 8am feeds :( and was a restless sleeper. We suspended her CPAP due to the way she was feeling and the need for oxygen to bring down her heart rate. We started with 2 liters of O2 at 9am and by 1 am she was back down to room air. She would only nap in her saucer. Rocking her self to sleep for 15-20 minutes at a time. A call was put into the Pulmonologist who was unavailable so we then contacted her Pediatrician who has ordered up an impressive round of tests and x-rays.

Jan. 7th - Today was busy - Boys headed off to school as usual, nurse left early so mom got some unusual cuddle time with sis. She's still not feeling up to par. We had our reassessment for OT and then some lunch and a quick nap before heading off to the Hospital for X-rays and labs. We had the most awesome Tech Brian who made sure we didn't have to brave all the sick people over at labs, even got the heads involved to make sure we didn't have to expose her to more bugs. Ava wasn't to happy to see one of her friendly RT's, cried the whole time he was getting her blood gas as well as the nurse who took even more blood from her baby foot :(.   Her white counts are up, still has a high heart rate while on oxygen, her blood gas was good so that is good news. We had a new nurse train this afternoon and Mom and Dad headed over to the LDS Stake Center for Cub Scout/Boy Scout Roundtable and District Mtg. Tomorrow is Doc. Appts. in the am. Thankfully the Doctors office is only a couple blocks away.

Jan. 8th - Well Ava does need Tubes in her ears and will also get a hearing screen done in Feb. around the 10th. She is still not feeling 100% been tactaracdic most of the day. She has been less cuddly so I know she is feeling somewhat better.

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