Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Week

April 11th - Ava spiked a temp last night so today they ran a whole bunch of tests and she saw about everyone possible to determine if she had an infection and where it was. They did a complete ultra sound work up on her tummy checking out the kidneys, liver, gallbadder you name it. No red flags from the ultra sound or the blood test results. They also gave her some stuff to loosen anything left in her bowels and she had 2 doses of lasiks as well.

For Dad and the boys is was back to the same ole routine, or a version of it anyway.

I will try to get better about doing daily updates instead of continuing on one as i know these tend to be very long.
April 10th - Ava is 34 weeks gestation today and is over 3lbs. Today at rounds we learned the surgeons want Ava to grow bigger so they can reconnect her bowels as the ileostomy wants to close on its own. So that means Mom and Ava will be at Children's Hospital indefinitely. Dad and the Boys are headed back to Great Falls this evening they left at 5:50 from the RMH, mom will miss them, but it will also be nice to get back into a routine of sorts.
 Dad spent most of the morning with Ms. Ava (3 hours)
 Can't you tell she loves being held by Daddy.
Tiny Little Lady
 Blake saying by to Ava
 Zane saying by to Ava
The boys saying good to their little sister Ava
They didn't really want to leave Mom and Ava in Seattle for several more weeks. I don't blame them, I hope the weeks go by quickly and we are able to go home sooner than we think.
April  9th - Dad & Blake spent time with Ava and then went and got Zane some Tylenol and cold meds. Zane and I hung out in the room and watched cartoons when he wasn't sleeping. Ava may get to start on feeds tomorrow. Mom went up and spent time with Ava after everyone went to bed. Ava's roommate moved out so now she has the whole room to herself right now. There are currently about 13 babies in the NICU, they can have up to 19.
April 8th - Easter Sunday was spent visiting Ms. Ava - Dad spent lots of time holding her. The boys and I hung out in the computer lab and watched TV in our room. The Ronald McDonald House had 2 groups come serve meals. All in All we had a pretty good Easter Sunday.
April 7th - I know I should post each day rather than by weeks but this way I don't have to come up with a post name every day. Today we are hanging out the the hospital for the most part. Dad is getting to hold Miss Ava while the boys and I are checking out the computer lab. Blake took pictures of Dad and Ava. I was trying to update with pictures from my phone now that I have a cord but these computers won't let me.

 Dad & Ava - Photo by Blake
April 6th - Today we went and saw Ava in the morning. Blake loves to see his sister. At rounds it was discussed that Ava was doing well enough that they would transition her to the conventional ventilator in the afternoon.

The boys checked out the sibling playroom - we need to learn their schedule better, they apparently needed volunteers if we weren't there. We picked up tickets at the Ronald McDonald House for the Aquarium and met up with Maxine.

She took us down to Alaskan Way where we boarded a the Argosy for a tour. We saw many ferry boats ferrying people from many locations along the waterway (water highway), as well as Bald Eagle, Sea Lions, the Skyline and HUGE CARGO Ships, we also saw the Healy ice cutter that helped to deliver fuel to Nome, AK.

After departing the boat and purchasing our boarding pictures, we had an ice cream cone and then headed to the Aquarium. They got to touch star fish and other fish, see otters and sea lions.

We returned to the hospital so we could all get our Ava fix, she and her condo had moved to another room while we'd been gone, she has a roommate again, in the room next to our first room. There isn't any room for a chair, so it will be interesting to figure out how we are going to get dad some snuggle time with his daughter.  She had be changed over to the conventional ventilator and looked more like our cute little girl as she had lost a lot of her fluids.

Since we were all hungry we checked out a retro diner that had great burgers and shakes. The mini jute boxes didn't work, which was a bummer.

April 5th - Robert, Blake and Zane arrived at the Ronald McDonald House at 9 am this morning. We got them settled into the room and took a quick tour. We walked to Children's Hospital. Blake and Zane were allowed to see Ava for the first time. Blake said she was tiny and cute, Zane thought she looked like a cute doll. 

Ava has been doing great and they have been able to start working on getting her off the oscillator. Hopefully they will be able to wean her to a conventional ventilator tomorrow.

After rounds we headed back down to the Ronald McDonald House for lunch. Dad went back up to the hospital to sit with Ava. Mom and the boys stayed behind and they got to Easter Egg Hunt, Dye Eggs, and Decorate a Easter Cookie.

I don't think Blake was ready for how little she is.
Dad came back in time for supper provided by a group serving the House. We then had the opportunity to go to the Flight Museum.  It was a long day and everyone was ready for some serious sleep.

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