Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue Angels and other cool stuff

Saturday and Sunday the Boys helped sell Souvenir Programs at the Great Falls Air Show. I vended at the Farmer's Market on Saturday and joined them about 2pm. I was glad I had a Volunteer Parking Pass and Entry pass, as I didn't have to drive all the way to Ulm, got to skip in through the gates, didn't get very good parking because of the late arrival time, but at least i didn't have to drive 14 miles around to get in. I didn't get any pictures on Saturday, just enjoyed the show. Sunday I did walk around before we got started and took a few pictures. Got a few pictures of the other acts when I wasn't helping boys sell programs. Blake and his buddy worked their hinnies off selling to a tough crowd, they tried to get sales from those that didn't purchase when they first arrived at one of the gates. Both boys were great sales man the first day, the 2nd day was a tougher crowd. Even though it was Free to come to the show, many by day 2 had less to spend as they had attended the Montana Fair the night before.


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