Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pool Time

We got to go swimming at the Water Park with the Pack and with our school. The Pack had a swim party one evening and the school also sponsored an evening at the water park. Blake and Zane's favorite is the water slides. We tried out the flow rider, which was much more fun when Dad and Mom where there to keep them from getting sucked into the more turbulent areas.

Zane Chillin on the lazy river, he did get brave and come down the slide
Blake after he shot out of his favorite slide.

The boys also enjoyed time spent with Grampa & Grama Heitz and thier Kelly Cousins. Not sure what all they did, other than help pick Chokecherries one afternoon and play in the trees while we picked. Something about surfing down Grama's hill, sounds like it was fun.

Before summer vacation is officially over the we are going to the Voyagers Game and sleeping in the outfiled afterwards, scouting tradition. School officially starts the end of August and we'll go meet the teachers and find our classrooms the day before.

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