Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue & Gold 2011

We had our Blue and Gold Banquet Monday Night. I video'd (instead of taking pictures)  and as part of the help didn't get many photo's.

These are kinda hard to see, Blake's Bear Den wasn't able to have den mtgs the 2 weeks before B&G so he helped make the table decorations for his Den. He picked out the letters and numbers for all 7 boys in his Den, arranged them and had me glue them on, and then I hot glued them toghether.

Here's one of the Bear Den Tables with Blake, Cub Master Robert's & Zane's Place Markers, We added 3 more boys to the table as they arrived.

Everyone Claiming thier Tables and waiting for Robert to Get the show on the Road. Wish I had a picture of the opening ceremony. The boys did a great job. Maybe I'll figure out how to post the video I took, later.

Cub Master Burton's Lead up to Awards & Skits

Blake Earned his Bear Badge and got the honor of Pinning the Parent Pin on Mom. He did so with extra care. It got pinned to my sleeve. (Special Thanks to Mr. Wiessman for the pictures).

Oh and don't forget Dessert - I made 84 Gold CubCakes and another Mom made 84 Blue CubCakes - and not many returned home with me. Yay!

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