Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ice Skating

The boys got to go Ice Skating today with Cub Scout Pack 26. I didn't get out on the ice this time, I should have but with the cold I've got didn't think I'ld beable to stay up if I started coughing.

Blake with the rest of the Pack (this is only 1/2 of them) listening to the insturctors so they can earn thier Ice Skating Belt Loops

Free Skate time - Some Ups and Some Downs

Zane becoming a Pro-Skater - He did Fall Down a couple times - I just didn't capture it. He was pretty quick at getting back up.

Having Snacks with his Buddy Ethan while we waited for the Hockey Game to Start.
Learning All about the Game of Hockey from Mr. Wiessman, while the players warm up before the game. I'm not sure Robert believes everything he's saying.

We watched the Great Falls team play a Billings team. We only watched the 1st Period,
when we left Billings was ahead by 1 goal.

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