Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Pinewood Derby Races

Blake's Car before the Races Sat. March 5th, 2011

Ok so I've been a slow at updating since the District Pinewood Derby races were several weeks ago, like March 5th to be exact. We signed Blake's car in plus a couple other's on Friday night. Dad and the boys went over Sat to watch the Regatta and the Rockets race before the Cars & Semi's. I showed up in plenty of time for the races. They had fun although by the end they were definitely ready to leave. Blake was a little upset he didn't win a prize. That is par for the course with that many entries 25 from our Pack alone.

Part of the District Line up of Bear Cars

Just a Few of the Semi's - Blake's favorite was Max's National General Truck - there was an MSU Truck, Pepsi Truck, Coke Truck, Car Hauler and more. They were pretty fun to watch.

Lined up and ready to Race. Had some technical difficulties - so Blake's car raced several extra times. Each car was raced 4 times - once in each lane and the average speed was used from the 4 runs to determine the winners.
Watching the cars race.

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